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The Living in Alignment Model

The Adventure of Living in Alignment

Living in Alignment is a transformative learning process that illuminates the interaction between the realm of Mystery and human consciousness. All of us experience this to a greater or lesser extent. Yet many are not conscious of it, in conflict about it, perplexed by it, or unaware of its personal significance.

You can develop your ability to become more aware of how your human self is always engaged in this vital relationship with Mystery.

By partnering with Source energy you can discover the true meaning and purpose of your life, access the guidance that is always available, actualize your full potential, and experience ‘freedom to be’ all of who you are.

Why a Living in Alignment Model?

The emergence of the Living in Alignment Model is a response to an ever-increasing number of people seeking greater awareness in their lives. The Living in Alignment Model focuses on what may not appear obvious, namely that we are both human and spiritual beings.

Many people are living lives caught up in the extremes: either there is no higher Power and what we see before our eyes is all there is, or physical reality is an illusion and all the focus should be on spirituality. The Living in Alignment Model is designed to assist you in developing a healthy and sustainable relationship with both the human and spiritual aspects of who you are.

The Living in Alignment Program offers a language and context to understand the reality that many experience as a paradigm shift taking place on Planet Earth. This new paradigm is a deepening of consciousness on a global level. The old paradigm fostered the perception that we are only our ego-centered mind (that thinks it is separate from Mystery), and that living in the three-dimensional or seen world is the only reality. This translates to being externally resourced.

When you are externally resourced, you tend to be identified primarily with your humanness and the conditioning of the three-dimensional world. You will also tend to live in a fear-based reality focused on survival needs.

The Living in Alignment approach will assist you to become internally resourced. This is a lifelong practice of deepening your connection with Source energy while becoming increasingly aware of the significance of who you are and the wondrous unfolding of your life. Becomingly internally resourced is facilitated by attending to your intuition (what feels 'right') and learning to listen to and follow the guidance and promptings of your Soul (i.e., your spiritual core). 

The Living in Alignment Program

A transformative learning process customized to meet your needs in a flexible time frame. It sequences 12 learning modules including readings, integrative activities, and individual coaching.

The LIA Program is designed to be completed within one year (or adjusted to meet your requirements). It is structured to support your understanding and integration of LIA core concepts into your behaviors and daily life. Upon completion, you will have both a working knowledge of LIA theory and a practical skill base.

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Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart...Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.

~ Carl Jung

-Carl Jung