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Saying YES! to You and Your Life: 
Thriving in Recovery
Darcy S. Clarke
For people struggling to stay clean and sober (and those who love them), this book is about how to escape the revolving door of multiple relapses and create a life of sobriety, wholeness, purpose, and gratitude.

Topics Include:
  • Struggling to Stay Clean and Sober
  • Thriving in Your Recovery
  • Living in Your Truth and Power
  • Examining Your Beliefs and Thinking
  • Deepening Your Awareness
  • Relationship Issues and Dependence
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Saying YES! to You and Your Life

Healing the Wounds of Codependence:
A Guide To Reclaiming Your Life

Darcy S. Clarke

This practical Guide to recovery from codependence expands the existing understanding of this condition by asserting that its underlying cause is a lack of awareness of--or no conscious connection with our spiritual core. Offering a compassionate perspective on how we suffer from both family-based shame and rigid, culturally imposed expectations, the five major core patterns of codependence are viewed as symptoms of spiritual 'dis-ease'.


Some of the noteworthy skills presented in this book include:

  • Learning to Love yourself (develop healthy self-esteem)
  • Learning to Protect yourself (establish and maintain functional boundaries)
  • Learning to Own all aspects of your reality (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, behavioral)
  • Learning to Nurture yourself ( identify and meet your needs and wants)
  • Learning to Live in moderation (regulate your energy so you are living in balance)
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Healing the Wounds of Codependence from Amazon.com or CreateSpace.com

Discover Your Soul Connection:
Introducing Living In Alignment
Darcy S. Clarke
Want to learn more about how you can tune in to your Soul's unique wisdom?
This engaging introduction to Living in Alignment offers clear, concise answers to your compelling questions.
Topics Include:
  • "Why is it so difficult to access my Soul?"
  • "Why Living in Alignment? Why now?"
  • "Is Living in Alignment for Me?"
  • "What do you mean by Source energy?"
  • Living in Alignment and Relationships
  • Living in Alignment and Living in Community
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Available in both paperback and Kindle editions.

Experience Living in Alignment:
A Practical Guide to Personal Transformation

Darcy S. Clarke

With an evolutionary view of species success in the context of the world's 'madness,' psychotherapist and transformational presence coach Darcy S. Clarke makes a distinct contribution to the process of experiencing personal transformation. To lead the way in our next evolutionary step as a species, we are called to deepen the journey of aligning with our soul and discovering our unique 'soul mission.' Without using theological jargon or invoking a religious belief system, Clarke provides a universal human roadmap that will illuminate, support, and facilitate your personal growth. Experience Living In Alignment is both a practical guide for those on their journey of soul realization and soul actualization and a workbook for the Living in Alignment Program for personal transformation.

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