The Experience of Living In Alignment

Is the material world really all there is? Or is our physicality just an illusion? Actually, neither perception is true.

The LIA Model illuminates our experience that we are both human and divine.

From the LIA perspective, it is your birthright to thrive and experience a fulfilled life. Only when your human self is collaborating with Source energy can this fully occur.

Living in Alignment is a transformative process of learning to partner with Source energy, becoming more present in your daily life, and consciously co-creating your reality.

Exploring Living In Alignment

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A Journey of Personal Transformation

You hold the key to your personal freedom. That key is integrating the whole of your being.

The LIA approach offers you individual guidance in becoming internally resourced and living authentically.

The Living in Alignment process will yield tangible benefits in your daily life.

Trained facilitators offer the LIA approach through

LIA Images

LIA ImagesBlending the colors of the chakra system, LIA images visually reveal the merging of our human self with our soul. When an image resonates strongly with you, it reflects an aspect of your alignment.

View the LIA Image Gallery to discover how these images illuminate your evolving consciousness!